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Building Management System using PLC

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With Indian Industries suddenly being exposed to Globalization and being made to complete against their Global Counterparts. It has become Ultimate for every industries to follow WTO norms in their Industries. In which Safety and security of Plant Personals and Plant plays a colossal part. This Project PLC Based BMS is concerned with the Implementation of Safety features in industries with the Powerful combination of Programmable logic Controller aided with SCADA end monitoring and control. This Project is achieved by erecting specific purpose sensors in the Industrial field and monitoring their changes using PLC and SCADA Interface Mounted in the control room. Based on the communication between field sensors and Programmed PLC module certain alarm signals can be raised and safety and security of the Industry can be maintained. Since one end being a visual Monitoring and Control (SCADA) it becomes uncomplicated for one to understand what’s phenomenon is taking place in the operating medium without any upheaval. The ultimate goal of safe running of the plant without any interrupts because of safety let-out is achieved with the help of this Project in a cost-effective way best suited for growing economy like India.
Keywords: PLC, SCADA,BMS
An industry/building management is a multi-core venture, involving enormous amount of material resources and labor, for its operations. Any profit-driven industry should have safety and maintenance as one of its major agenda in fulfilling the dual aims of high productivity and employee satisfaction. Thus, security of a plant plays a key role in averting disasters, which can cause largescale monetary and human losses Safety in industries began long before recorded time. The use of dedicated software for safety and control applications began with the technological advancement in the field of PLC. With the advent of newer technologies, situations have turned around a lot and the need to view the live process in a system, within a control room has become essential. With the development of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), the task of monitoring and controlling the entire process and confining it to a restricted control room has become possible. SCADA is a software package, which incorporates various facilities such as alarm popup, history files, graphical representations, animations etc. The general parameters being monitored are Internal light control, External light Control, Water level control, Fire detection.


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