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Design of Automated Scanning Mechanism for Microscopic Biopsy

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Microscopic biopsy image analysis is an essential technique for cancer detection. The main challenge in this procedure is due to the manual identification, there is a high risk in missing to identify the cells. In order to alleviate this challenge, an automated scanning mechanism for microscopic biopsy is proposed. Firstly, the stage movement of the microscope is controlled by using the motorized mechanism. Then, using sensors at the extreme points of both X-Y axis of the microscope stage to automate the scanning of slide by detecting the edge of the stage. Finally, the camera connected through the eye piece from the lens of the microscope captures a number of images of the cells from the specimen. Using the images captured, the cancer cells are identified by segmenting nucleus and cytoplasm using watershed algorithm and optimal thresholding. The performance of this proposed system is evaluated by obtaining a number of images of the cells and also tested by multiple specimen sample without missing any cell in an automated manner, neither using manual tuning of knobs nor using the remote control.
Keywords:microscope, stepper motor, limit switch, camera, segmentation, watershed algorithm, optimal thresholding.


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