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Compact UWB Slot Antenna with Dual Band Rejection by using H-Shape Notch

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The main objective is to design a dual band rejection micro strip patch antenna. In this antenna, H- shaped slots are made in the patch to achieve a notched characteristics at two licensed band employed for Wimax and WLAN band. The above mentioned frequency ranges are licensed for WLAN and satellite communication applications. This antenna maintains the Omni-directional radiation patterns and are mostly suited for ultra wide band applications. For wide band operation, the shape of patch has been altered to octagonal just by chamfering the corners of the rectangular patch. The antenna parameters like radiation patterns, VSWR, reflection loss have been described clearly in this section. Radar applications, terrestrial networking and communication, space communications are some of the applications in this ultra wide band frequency range.
Keywords:Ultra-wideband antennas, notches band, micro strip antennas


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