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Design of VHBCSE Based Constant Multiplier for FIR Filter Using Reversible Gates

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In signal processing, filters are used to remove unwanted portions of the signal, such as random noise, or to extract useful parts of the signal, such as the components lying within a specific frequency range. A reconfigurable FIR filter is a filter whose filter coefficients dynamically change during execution time. Such type of filters play an important role in many electronic circuits like digital up- down converters, software defined radio systems and multiple channel filters. Such systems should be highly reliable. This paper aims at developing a system that would be able to detect and correct the errors in the filter output automatically. This will be realized by making use of simple error correction codes.
Keywords:Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter, Distributed Arithmetic (DA) Algorithm, Reconfigurability Error Correction Codes, Hamming Codes, Fault Tolerance.


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