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A Novel Passive Islanding Detection Algorithm for a Bidirectional Dual Utility Interactive Inverter

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A bidirectional dual inverter for utility interactive systems along with a new passive islanding detection system is presented here as the project topic. The method is preferred to any single phase inverter in a grid operating capacity. A hybrid inverter which operates in multiple operating modes is synchronized with an AC Grid system initially. The power feeding to the grid is in unity power factor and harmonics are eliminated using the control loop. Then Grid is manually turned off in the steady state condition and the proposed islanding detection method is demonstrated. Different algorithms support the system and various High Level Languages are used to complete the coding part of the project. The validity is checked through comparisons and different model predictions with MATLAB simulations. An entire sample design for 300VA hybrid inverter is given to demonstrate the application of the process for the micro grid systems. Hardware model for new islanding detection system is completed and results are verified.
Keywords:Bidirectional dual inverter,Hybrid inverter, Islanding detection, Unity power factor.


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