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Smart Ambulance System to Find the Availability of Doctor

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According to the present scenario the time duration that is utilized for the availability of ambulance and the availability of resources in the hospital after arriving of the patient is increasing day by day due to increase in the number of accidents and health issues. So, to tackle the problem of time wastage when the patient arrives at the hospital, we present this paper. Firstly, in this paper we will be getting the medical history of the patients using sensors. This information will be updated in the central server. The doctor’s detail are stored in the sever unit using LABVIEW. This doctor’s information that already exists in the central server is transferred to the ambulance. so that the time wastage for the prerequisites of the patient will be minimized. Finally, this paper present the design of a small, robust, low-cost and easily accessible biometric medicaldatabase system in ambulance using LABVIEW. And also we include on the signal there will be RFID readers which will detect and clear the traffic. When ambulance is detected on the road signal for that side will be green and traffic on other roads will be blocked temporarily before the passage of ambulance through the junction.

Keywords:ARDUINO ATmega328p, sensors, GPS, GSM.


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