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Design and Implementation of Smart Basket Cart Using Near Field Communication

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The main impetus of our project is to bring down the chain delay in supermarkets by using smart basket cart (SBC). Product acquisition in gross convenient shop with numerous products is a tedious and time consuming process. This cart uses modern and cheap technology to make it intelligent and time saving. It requires an embedded electronic hardware that contains an OLED display, Arduino Uno R3, a wifi module, NFC tag, a power supply and a shopping cart. There are many types of carts used for shopping in malls. We offer smart basket cart using NFC to pinpoint the product rate and send the data wirelessly to the receiver. Then the data is sent to the main server and the bill is generated for all the products in the cart. Instead of wasting the time in long queues we can use the time for other fruitful activities.

Keywords:NFC, NFC Card, Wifi Module, Arduino; OLED.


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