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Detection and Classification of Apple Fruit Disease using K-NN Classification and GLCM Features

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India is an agricultural country. The people are mainly depending on the vegetables and fruit which they are cultivating in their own crop field. Due to increase in populations and rising of western culture people pour a lot of pesticides into the growing crop which results in a lot of disease in both plants and also the human and animals who are consuming it. So by avoiding this problem, our project has been made which took an example of an apple fruit. Mainly the apple fruit consists of three diseases Apple scab, Apple rot and Apple blotch. In image processing, the k-mean clustering technique is used. which is used for segmenting the infected area in the apple fruit. After segmentation, the GLCM technique is used for feature extraction. Finally, the classification of diseases is made by SVM technique. By this process are can identify diseases and improve the quality of food production and human population.

Keywords:k-mean-GLCM-KNN classification.


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