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A Prototype for Detecting Railway Track Crack-Location

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This paper proposes the design of crack detecting and the location of the crack in the railway tracks .Here the microcontroller is interfaced with Test Engine Unit (Prototype), ZigBee, RFID Reader and Crack Sensor. The vehicle moves along the path of railway track and IR obstacle sensors mounted on the vehicle front end will inspect the track along the path. The IR sensor senses the crack and then it gives the signal to the microcontroller. When any crack or deformation is detected on the track the Test Engine Unit stops . The detects the crack in the railway track, it immediately gets the location information using RFID Reader and the Zigbee transmitter sends that location of the crack with an Instant Alert and to communicate the nearby Rail Server Unit (RSU).

Keywords:ATMEGA, Sensor, Zigbee, RFID Reader.


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