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Manuscripts submitted to IJEECC are expected to be original work that has not been published or submitted elsewhere for consideration.The journal welcomes submissions written in English language Only. Manuscripts should not be less than 6 pages in length inclusive of tables, figures and illustrations. All submissions will undergo the peer review process. Authors are expected to use the template provided all details in this page.

All Pages in Single Column only

The manuscript should contain an abstract, which is self-explanatory, briefly present the topic, indicate significant data, state the scope of the experiments, point out major findings and conclusions. The Abstract should be less than 200 words. Complete sentences, active verbs, third person should be used, and the abstract should be written in the past tense. Should be used in standard nomenclature and avoided abbreviations.No literature should be cited.
Minimum 6 Maximum 15 key words in alphabetical order, separated by commas.
Introduction and Methods
This section should be clearly expressed with subheadings. Methods should contain sufficient detail that no procedures are repeated. It can be divided into subsections if several methods are described.
Figures and Tables
Authors are supposed to include all figures and tables in the manuscript. Figures and tables submitted should be supplied in .bmp or .jpeg formats also. Each table must have a short title and numerical measurements are to be provided, in the column heading.
Results and Conclusions
Results may each be divided by subheadings or may be combined. Conclusions should clearly explain the main work highlighting its importance and relevance.
All acknowledgments should be included before the references and may include supporting grants, presentations, and patent.
Authors are responsible for ensuring that the information in each reference is complete and accurate. All references should be identified using numbers in square brackets like [5] or [5, 8].
Corrected proofs must be returned to the publisher within ten days of receipt of intimation of acceptance. It will therefore be appreciated if the manuscripts and figures conform from the outset to the style of the article.
Page Limit
Minimum 6 Maximum 10 Pages


Paper Template

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